Save up for exclusive discounts and benefits. With Fit-Credits you have the possibility to upgrade your membership. Not to be confused with Fit-Pointsyou collect those to measure your progress and compete against your friends.

My Fit-Credits:

0 Fit-Credits

How you earn Fit-Credits:

After your registration you will immediately receive 10 Fit-Credits
When you purchase a Premium account you will receive 10 (1 month), 20 (3 months) and 30 (6 months) Fit Credits
You will find your personal referral link further on this page. Share this with all your korfball friends and receive 20 Fit Credits per registration
By every badge you earn, you also receive 20 Fit Credits as a reward for your good work
Every level you go up is rewarded with Fit-Credits, the higher the rank the more Fit-Credits

What can i do with Fit-Credits?

With Fit-Credits you can save for discounts on our products and memberships. For example, you can use the credits as a payment method for one of our products.

The Fit Credits can currently be exchanged for a discount on the following products / services from KorfbalFit:

  • KorfbalFit Premium – 3 months
  • KorfbalFit Premium – 6 months

Expected soon:

  • KorfbalFit Fitness schedules
  • KorfbalFit lifestyle and coaching
  • KorfbalFit training on location

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